Why Use WordPress To Develop My Website?

Why Use WordPress To Develop My Website?

WordPress powers approxamitely 70% of internet blogging websites

And 30% of the internet

It is very easy to use. Once your website is developed, you can log into the backend, usually through the URL mysite.com/wp-admin. Here you can do lots of crazy things. But the main thing you will want to do is create, edit and manage your website pages.

So, if you want to put up a new page called “Website Design Prices”, simply click into wp-admin, go to pages -> add new, create your content and save it. Congratulations, you have now created your first page.

You can also add your new page to the navigation menu – This is the bar that has links to the homepage, contact page, list of services, products, etc. Simply go to wp-admin -> appearance -> menus. Then add the new page to the menu. It couldn’t be simpler.

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